Product Description

Virage has been developed to provide superb energy efficiency with stylish looks and is available as a free standing or hole in the wall unit. With a heat output of 4.6kw and an efficiency of 67% Virage is not to be confused with other products on the market that claim higher efficiency but fail to deliver in real world installations.

Product Description

Evora Has been developed to provide superb energy efficiency with stylish looks and is available as a free standing or hole in the wall unit. With an energy efficiency classification 1 certified and an 83% energy efficiency rating, no other fire comes close to Evora. 

Product Description

The Vantage Hole In The Wall takes the contemporary theme to the next level. The tried and tested Vantage burner is the mainstay of this Legend range and has a proven pedigree.

Product Description

The tried and tested Vantage fire from Legend has become a true classic. To offer maximum flexibility it is now available in 16” standard height and low lintel models, 18” and 22” variants. Taking this to the next level, a number of trim and fuel bed options are also offered to ensure the Vantage suits all applications and décor styles. 

Product Description

With a stylish two-tone grey, landscape design the new Mirage represents the ultimate in elegantly understated hole in the wall style. Neat lines and discreet controls ensure a minimal exterior façade and with a modular fuel bed there is also no requirement for a traditional hearth. 


Product Description

The Sintra’s unique compact design is perfectly suited to the smaller size room and the uncomplicated styling. The modular coal fuel bed means there is no requirement for a traditional hearth. For homes with no chimney or when a flue is either not present or unusable, the fan flue option can be used (subject to available depth) so that Sintra can be sited on an outside facing wall. 


Product Description

The Aura Landscape represents a further development towards the ultimate in the modern hole in the wall styling. Again, featuring remote control and a unique pebble and driftwood fuel bed. Aura Landscape is available with a choice of black or stainless steel interior. 

Aura Landscape

Product Description

The Aura Prestige exudes an air of sophisticated chic. With remote control operation for ease of use and a powder coated fabrication to ensure there are no  airline cracks or chips to worry about. The Aura Prestige range offers the ultimate in stylish practicality. 

Aura Prestige

Product Description

Available in a number of finishes and compatible with all pre-cast flue systems, the spirit Superslim fire has a depth of only 90mm. However when fitted with a modular coal or pebble fuel bed, the appearance is of a full depth fire.

Spirit Superslim

Product Description

The Spirit was designed to operate on class 1, class 2 and certain pre-cast flues and therefore is shallower than the Vantage.  However the Spirit still retains it’s deep red glowing coals and realistic flame effect. A power flue option is also available. 


Product Description

Suitable for installation into a standard milner fire back or can be housed in a Legend hot box for a more efficient use of the generated heat. 

Heritage Inset Fire

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